Election of State Delegates

At your local District Convention you will vote to elect Delegates to the State Convention in April. These will be the voting members of the party who will vote to elect Statewide Party Leaders, amend the Party Platform, amend the Party Constitution, Pass resolutions, endorse causes, and any other decisions occurring at the state party level.

Eligibility: There are very specific requirements for becoming a State Delegate. In order to become a State Delegate a person must have registered at the District Convention and then been elected at the District Convention. Registering as a participant at a District Convention may be accomplished either in person or over the phone during the registration window on the morning of the District Convention. The registration window will be 1-2 hours long and ends one hour after the convention begins.

The qualifications to become a state delegate are the same as the qualifications to participate in your local District Convention:

1) You must be able to register as a voter in Alaska, and
2) You must show up and register (or call in) on the morning of the District Convention,
Plus 3) You must fill out a very short Nominations Request Form expressing interest in becoming a State Delegate.

The requirements to register to vote in Alaska are very basic:
1) You must be a US citizen,
2) You must currently be an Alaska resident (e.g. you must have lived in Alaska for at least one day),
3) You must be at least 17 years and 9 months old.

The requirements in order to register as an attendee at a District Convention are also straight-forward:
1) You must sign in (or call in),
2) You must register to vote or show that you have already registered as a Republican voter in your district,
3) You must include your address, email address, phone number, and if you are interested in volunteering for anything,
4) You must pay your delegate registration fee (each district has its own fee depending on the costs of hosting the convention).

Note: If you plan to participate in your convention only by teleconference, you must find some way of demonstrating that you are a registered voter or have filled out a voter registration form.


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