Educate Yourself

Welcome to The Precinct Project in the Last Frontier. If you are unfamiliar with the nationwide precinct concept, please visit one of the following websites that discuss it at length:

The National Precinct Project, Eagle Forum, Campaign For Liberty,
The Precinct Project at Glenn Beck’s 912 Coalition
, The Conservative Underground, Precinct Strategy 2010 at, RedState.

This project is a collaborative effort by members of conservative groups across Alaska. We welcome you to participate in the most effective grassroots action you can take today to directly influence the political process here in Alaska.  Join us in taking back Alaska, one precinct at a time. (Start here: What is Precinct Project Alaska?)


One Response to Educate Yourself

  1. Hi, I want to recommend the new book “Rules For Republican Radicals.” The book is about how the liberals have used Saul Alinsky’s teachings to take over political power. But perhaps more importantly, it explains how precints work and how regular people can take control of the political process on a local level, taking control of the direction of their communities and even politics on a national level.

    Anyone interested in precint politics should read the book.

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