What is Precinct Project Alaska

This site has been created by and for Alaskans as part of a nationwide effort to take a more active part in the selection of local party leaders, who in turn select statewide party leaders and also determine which candidates will receive party backing and support during each election.

You vote dutifully on Election Day, but have you also voted just as dutifully in your regular Party Elections?

These elections take place every two years and form a crucial part in ensuring that candidates who respect the Constitution appear on the ballot and receive full party support. Most Alaskans don’t know about these elections and don’t even show up, leaving most positions vacant or candidates to run unopposed for office. Currently nearly half of all party leadership positions in Alaska are vacant because no one ran for the position during the last party election!

You have a role to play in determining whether conservative, pro-
constitution candidates will be supported by your party or will have to fight an uphill battle against their party in order to appear on the ballot. By electing conservative leaders at the local party level you help to ensure that true conservative candidates will be the ones appearing on the ballot, not candidates chosen for you in advance by members of the Republican establishment.

As the Republican Party is the most active party in the state and has the structure already in place to elect conservative candidates and hold them accountable once in office, this website is focused on the easy steps every Alaskan voter can take to elect conservatives at the precinct level of the Alaska Republican Party. The time to step up and let your voice be heard in party elections is now.

Americans first, conservatives second, and Republican precinct leaders by necessity in order to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.


Precinct Project Alaska | PrecinctProjectAlaska@gmail.com


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